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Super chargers

In the earlier paragraph we had made a mention of super chargers as fitted on two stroke compression ignition engine.

As a matter of fact super chargers can be fitted to any engine petrol or diesel and 2 stroke or 4 stroke.

It is an air pump driven by the engine to pump in large quantities of air or mixture to the engine.

We know that basically the amount of air left in the combustion chamber is is responsible for the developing of power and the fuel should get completely burnt in this added air.

This give us more power for the fuel used.

Type of superchargers.

★Piston type super chargers:-

In this type a large diameter Piston work in a cylinder oil and pumps air into the main engine cylinder just like an air compressor as this system is very bulky hence it is not use in automobiles yet.

★Positive displacement type super chargers:-

Positive displacement supercharger is also driven by engine in this system a rotor eccentrically mounted on a shaft runs in a housing the rotor carries vanes which moves in and out in the housing due to the centrifugal action this pump the air is type of blower are also not much used.

★Blower type super chargers:-

These are also known as roots type of supercharger name after the designer Mr P.H. ROOT. In this case there are two or three loops Mahesh with another lopes both running with engine.

Such type of supercharger are very popular with 2 stroke engine they are capable of increasing pressure of 1.5 kg/cm² it is more than normal induction system this type of superchargers work efficiently at low speed but high speed leakage of air is experience through rotor and housing.

★Centrifugal super chargers:-

Centrifugal supercharger is like centrifugal water pump is fitted on a tube well of course the employer is design specially to throw or pump air it also gets its drive from engine and runs at Higher R.P.M. then engine.

The main advantage of such type of blower is that is requires less space it is compact and is capable of pumping in affair the only disadvantages in this system is that as the unit has to run at Higher R.P.M. it requires more power.

★Turbo super chargers:-

In the earlier system discussed you have seen that the engine power is utilised to run the supercharger it means that some parts of power has to be sent in running of supercharger.

To save power now-a-days exhaust gases driven turbochargers are now becoming very popular in this case turbine is driven by exhaust gases of the engine.

You would observe that supercharger consists of two components a turbine rotor driven by exhaust gas is run in one compartment while on the other compartment there is fix a centrifugal blower mounted on the turbine rotor shaft for forcing the air manifold to the inlet both the compartments are made in the one housing.

★ Advantage of super chargers engines:-

(1) Due to Greater volume of air finding its way to the cylinder higher thermal efficiency is achieved.

(2) High pressure rate is achieved by the supercharger.

(3) Mor power for giving size of engine approximately 20 to 30% is achieved.

(4) Better fuel consumption for given power approx 10% less than ordinary engine.

(5) Cleaner exhaust.

★ Disadvantage of super chargers engines:-

(1) To with stand higher pressure engine components are made study as such costly material is used.

(2) Is the part are made study engine is slightly heavier in conventional engines.

(3) Some parts of the power is used for driving supercharger unless Turbo supercharger is used.

(4) Because of higher temperature, bigger size radiator is used.

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