What is Safety Precaution in Workshop

Safety Precaution in Workshop

The practice of safety precaution in the workshop goes beyond the knowledge of the proper use of machines, Type of hand tools, and types of equipment.

Most vital things in technician attitude a technician must understand the hazards of the job he is about the undertake and must appreciate the need for applying safety practices that will protect him from injury.

Awareness of personal safety comes only through an understanding of the dangers which are present most of the accidents are cost due to thoughtlessness show a technician must be on guard at all time.

It is important to give the job his undivided attention. “visiting”the shop floor is not permitted because it distracts him and may lead to an accident.

Get into the habit of removing sharp pointed tools from where you or someone else going bye may get hurt this is an application of personal caution.

Top 5 Best Safety Precaution in Workshop


→ It is better to waste antiseptic than to ignore one small wound which may later become infected there must never be a let down in the battle against infection.

→If something gets into it is dangerous to rub it you may press the practical into the eyeball and scratch its surface or if you use a sterile cloth you may cause serious infection and possible blindness.

→ Be sure to wash your hands after handling caustic acids or batteries to avoid getting chemicals on your skin and into your eyes.

→Wash your hand truly before eating and always after using the lavatory the need for personal cleanliness cannot be overstressed many skin conditions can be traced to improper clean-up after work.

A good soap truly apply to remove dirt and grime as well as acid and cosmetics.

→ Asking for help when lifting a heavy object is a sign of mental strength, not weakness many serious injuries are caused by lifting improperly lifting an object too heavy for one man for lifting and widely shape.

More than 25% of all disabilities are caused by the improper handling of materials this is the largest single cause of disability from all accidents.


→Wearing the proper clothing is very important when working in an industry is the shop of the industry requires a specialized protective garment depending on the nature of the work.

Some shop-work demands additional temporary protection when doing special jobs.

This may take the form of goggles and gloves when welding; goggles for face shield for grinding or a rubber mat when working around live electrical circuits.

→Hand gloves should be owned when handling hot objects special when welding they are also good protection when working with shattered glass Automotive Work.

CAUTION: They must not be used when buffering or working around machinery as there is the danger of the glass being out and pulling your hand into the machine.

→Safety shoes with extra strong to support protect your feet from falling objects.

They are also good protection against burns when welding and especially desirable for the protection afforded the ankles against process and scuffs when working under a car.


The hand tools are still very important despite the development of complex machine tools everyone has a need for hand tools but not everyone knows how to use or care for them properly.

A recent study of the accident shows that 66% of all injuries in one ear where caused by misuse of the common hand tools most hand told accident are caused by:-

→Improper storage.

→Failure to keep the tool in good condition.

→Using the tool improperly.

→Failure to use the right tool for the job.

Hand tools should be store in a tool rack that has a place for each tool they should not be store in draw boxes.

Tools should be cleaned frequently and store in a dry place to prevent rusting a light coating of oil will dip them bright under adverse condition.


safety precaution in workshop

→Spilled oil is slippery small oil pastels should be wipe immediately and large once covered with absorbent material.

→A jack handles easily trips over if left in the lower position and it should therefore always be raised to its highest point.

→Before getting under a car make sure that all doors are closed a very bad head gash is possible if you Rise and bump your head on the bottom age of an open door.

→Make sure that no other work on an engine while you are working under it as he may lose and dirt and Debris which can fall into your eyes.

→Make it a practice to stand to one side of a car in which the engine is be being started.

→Removing the radiator cap of an engine in which the coolant is boiling is very dangerous as the excess pressure could blow the cab out of your hand and cal due.

→Be careful when draining lubricant because it may be very hot and can cause server burns.

→Touching a hot exhaust manifold can also Ban severely.

→Compressed air is necessary for the shop but it must be used with caution and not as a plaything.

→Disconnect the Storage battery before starting to work on an engine.

→Make sure that the car is resting solidly on the Jack pad before raising it.

→Use car standards to support the vehicle when it is raised to the proper height.

→Breathing paint fumes in the form of spray is exceedingly dangerous.

● Fire Fighting Safety Precaution in Workshop


→Fire is a chemical reaction between a fuel and oxygen in the presence of heat in other words that three things are essential for the Fire.

safety precaution in workshop

1>combustible substance or fuel

2>heat or temperature




→A fire extinguisher is the first-aid device provide for Immediately use on fire in the incipiency and are effective only at that stage they are the first line of defence and it is of great importance that they are immediately accessible and promptly used.

● Types of portable fire extinguishers-

→Water type fire extinguishers

→Mechanical foam type fire extinguishers

→Dry chemical powder type fire extinguisher

→Carbon dioxide gas type fire extinguisher

→Halon type fire extinguisher

We hope readers can understand this “What are Safety Precaution in Workshop” article and precautions carefully.

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