How to Start a Car Workshop Business in [2021] 12 Business Steps

how to start a car workshop business
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In the Automobile sector, Great business opportunities with a 12 step solution of people query like “How to Start a Car Workshop Business“.


We are quite confident that you have studied this post thoroughly and have also attended practical as well as theoretical classes conducted by your teacher and hope that you have gained enough experience and confidence in attending to “how to start a car workshop business”

The rest depends on your dedication to the job. We wish you to start your own car workshop business rather than running after the employment exchange for the car workshop for a job in case you have decided to set up your own auto repair shop we give below few points which we hope will help you for a unique service selling point.

How to Start a Car Workshop Business

How to select your entrepreneur workshop

→ the workshop should always be located on the main road so that vehicle owners can easily see it.

→the workshop should have an electric connection so that leftover for emergency work can be completed during the night.

→the workshop should be set in such a locality where there is a large number of vehicle owners living.

→ the workshop should have a shade where workers can work efficiently during all seasons.

→the workshop should have a water connection and a full-proof draining system.

→ telephone facility in the workshop is highly advantages workshop should have good and up to date tools.

→the workshop should have a reception room, tools room, and spare parts room.

→the workshop should be big enough to accommodate 4-5 cars for 10-15 two-wheelers.

*Before we end the article we feel it necessary to educate you on a few of the important steps which can help you to increase your car workshop business.

If you start a car workshop business follow these steps & sell the best customer services

STEP:- 1 Behavior with potential customer

How to Start a Car Workshop Business

Your behavior with customer plays an important role in getting good business it is correctly said that the customer at the shop is the owner, not the man who owns it unless the customer is satisfied,

He will not come again as customers should always be treated well when he comes and listen patiently.

In case you are busy and cannot attend to the customer immediately make him seat comfortable in the reception promising him to join with him for a few minutes make sure that you join at the specified time.

If possible give the customer some reading material to keep him busy while you are away.

STEP 2 :-When customer is not happy with job

How to Start a Car Workshop Business

Sometimes it happens that the customer is not happy with the job that you have attended and is talking very loud under the circumstances take the customer out from the main reception.

And give him a high-quality patient hearing on hearing him if you feel that there is some weight in his argument as your him of free repairs to his vehicle.

As it has been experienced that one is satisfied customer create doubt about the workmanship of the workshop among other unique clients.

STEP:- 3 Whenever defected is reported to you

How to Start a Car Workshop Business

Whenever a defect is reported to you in any vehicle think Coolly about the possible cause never jump to the conclusion as it may amount to heavy repair for which your customer is not prepared say for instance.

If a vehicle is brought to you with sound in the engine never stripe the engine completely first check-up with the sound is coming from cylinder head loose flywheel or wrong timings.

STEP:- 4 When repairing a particular path

How to Start a Car Workshop Business

Keep an eye on the rest of the parts of the vehicle also when repairing a particular path for an instant.

if a vehicle is the book for suspension overhaul have a check on the rest of the parts also maybe the universal joint of the propeller shaft needs replacement in that care see don’t start attending to this job.

But wait for the customer to come and show him the worn out parts he would really agree to ask you to attend to the job also for that you get extra money.

Similarly checkup hose pipe, fen belt, etc as it does not take much time to check at the same time you get extra business.

STEP:- 5 Always welcome the potential customer

How to Start a Car Workshop Business

Always welcome the potential customer to join you when you are inspecting the parts of making a judgment in the vehicle for instance while adjusting timing with timing light show the customer.

How it was set incorrectly and now you are setting it correctly also tell him this advantage of running the engine with incorrect timing we are sure that once the customer has seen it by himself the difference in timings he will come again on next service.

STEP:- 6 While taking the repair job in hand

How to Start a Car Workshop Business

While taking the job in hand the repair estimate should be made correctly as far as possible and it should be got approved by the customer before starting the job the difference between the estimate and the actual bill should not be more than 5%.

STEP:- 7 Never take special jobs

How to Start a Car Workshop Business

Never take a special job which you or your job is not equipped Such as talking a job of adjusting caster- camber without having caster- camber gauge.

In that case, tell the customer frankly that your shop is not equipped with a special gauge hence you cannot take up the job.

STEP:- 8 Delivered the vehicle at fix time

How to Start a Car Workshop Business

Always keep up the promise while accepting the job give the customer time keeping in mind the workload in hand always try to stick to the promise and deliver the vehicle at a fixed time.

STEP:- 9 Never accept a job in these circumstances

how to start a car workshop business

Never accept a job when you are fully booked in the case due to rush of work you cannot take the fresh job to tell the customer frankly.

The reason for not accepting the job and also give him the date when he should come again.

STEP:- 10 While handing over the vehicle be courteous

Be courteous while handing over the vehicle

Be courteous while handing over the vehicle after repairing explain the repair charges, labor charges, and spare parts charges separately also handover the worn-out auto parts.

STEP:- 11 Always give reminder to customers

reminder to customers

After handing over the repaired vehicle make a courtesy call to your clients and enquire about his vehicle this will help a lot as the customer will feel that you are giving personal attention to his vehicle.

In this case, it is not possible to drop in then write a letter inquiring about his vehicle in the meantime reminding him when his next service falls due.

STEP:- 12 Make partners in your business

make business partners

Make your workers also partners in your business educate them about new development the better and improved method of repairs and also tell them how to handle the customers when you are away from the car workshop.

*We are sure that the few steps given above will help you a lot in improving the image of your car workshop and getting good business opportunities.

We hope readers can understand this “How to start a car workshop business” article and do it practically with them.

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