Automobile Chassis and Body Engineering Knowledge

Automobile Chassis and Body Engineering Knowledge

● Before we define Automobile Chassis and Body Engineering, We know about what is an automobile?

→ The word “AUTOMOBILE” is made up of two, I.e., ”Auto” and “Mobile” ‘Auto’ is self-propelled and ‘Mobile’ is a vehicle.

And as such the meaning of the two words is “self-propelled vehicle” I.e., all such vehicles which run with their own power is called “AUTOMOBILE”.

Automobile Chassis and Body Engineering

Vehicles are divided into parts :

(1) Automobile Chassis

(2) Body

At present, there is a large number of vehicle Run with different kinds of power for the application of power such vehicle run on steam gas turbine and electric battery power it is beyond the scope of this article to cover details of all such different designs as such.

● What is Automobile Chassis?

Automobile Chassis And Body Engineering

→ The chassis is the metal frame of a vehicle onto which the other parts fit.

● What is an Automobile Body?

Automobile Chassis And Body Engineering

→ The body is made of sheet metal or fiber-glass so that the passenger can sit in it. And to make their journey comfortable.

● General Assemblies of Automobile Chassis and their Engineering functions:-

# Chassis. Chassis frames are made of steel sections so that they are strong enough to stand the load and at the same time are also light in the weight reduce dead weight on the vehicle.

# Front axle. It is fitted at the front of the vehicle by means of spring assembly it supports steering wheels as well as carriers part of the steering system and brake.

# Steering system. It is the mechanism to steer the front wheels so that vehicle could be Steered to right or left as a desire by the driver.

# Real axel. It is the final unit in the transmission system it carries the road wheels it transmits the drive to rear wheels it re-fuses the ratio of a drive from a gear-box and turns it through the right angle -and it also differentiates the speed of real will at turns.

# Suspension system. It consists of a leaf or coil spring and shock absorber which connected the front and rear axles to the chassis frame it takes the road shock and also transmits the driving torque.

# Transmission. It is a coupling incorporated between the engine and the rear Road wheel. the main parts are flywheel clutch gearbox propeller shaft differential assembly which is used in the transmission.

Automobile Chassis and Body Engineering

# Brake system. Is incorporated in the vehicle so that the moving vehicle can stop by the driver as and when he wants.

# Engine. The engine produces the power to run the vehicle on the road chemical energy changes to heat energy and the heat energy changes to mechanical energy due to its mechanical component the engine is called the power plant.

# Electrical system. It provides the right illumination for safe driving as well as for running other units such as a viper machine and ignition system to a petrol engine.

Electricity is produced with help of the dynamo and is supply to other components through batteries.

● Types of Automotive Bodies:-


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red Sedan Car

→ Station wagon

1992 Peugeot 505DL Station Wagon in White


Vehicles Mpv & muv cars


Sedona Jeep 4X4

→ Pickup truck

pickup Truck

→ Limousine

 Limousine & Automotive

→ Convertible

Car Vehicle Convertible

We hope readers can understand this “Automobile Chassis and Body Engineering Knowledge” article and gain knowledge with them.


What is chassis?

If the body of the vehicle is removed then the remaining part is called the chassis.

What is used in composite body?

Angle iron.

What is the the of rear axle?

It bears the weight of the backward side of the vehicle and helps the vehicle is moving on the road.

What is the name of the distance between the center of the backward hub to the end of the chassis?

Rear overhang.

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