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What is wankel engine?

The wankel engine works on the 4-stroke principle it consists of two moving parts namely rotor and the eccentric output shaft and internal and external set of gears.

Which maintains the exact phase relationship between the rotor and output shaft it’s called wankel engine.

History about wankel engine.

In the conventional engine there are hundreds of parts moving within Each Other.

When this parts work with each other a lot of friction is generated.

To overcome this friction certain amount of useful horsepower is spent.

Apart from this as the conventional engine has many parts hence it becomes little costly to manufacture and also produce a lot of sound.

Inventors have been busy since long to develop a simpler engine having less component.

In 1954, a German inventors Mr Felix wankel got the patent for the 1st wankel engine.

In this design a variable volume chamber is formed between a triangular rotor and a movable rotor body.

Motion of the outer body created problems and letter on Dr.Froedo improved upon this by rotating the rotor while keeping the rotor body stationary.

Working of wankel engine.

In wankel engine you would observe no valves no connecting Rods No Piston and no crankshaft in this engine.

The complete work of the engine is done by one rotor which has three flank A, B and C. Four phase are completed as under.

Induction phase.

When the flank a and c are opposite to the inlet port it uncovers the same and allows fresh charge to get filled up in space this is an induction phase.

Compression phase.

As the rotor moves further it blocks the inlet port the volume between the rotor and the body decrease with the result that the gases get compressed.

Power phase.

As soon as the rotor moves further the compressed gases move to the spark plug area the spark plug Ignite the charge due to burning expansion of gases takes place As rotor is the only moving part in the housing gets a big push since it is mounted on the shaft the shaft also Revolves.

Exhaust phase.

As the rotor most further it opens the exhaust port thus allowing the exhaust gases to be pushed out in this way the cycle is repeated continuously and wankel Engine works.

Advantage of wankel engine.

(1) It has very few moving parts such simple in working.

(2) Having very few moving parts it does not require maintenance.

(3) It is compact is design and requires less space.

(4) Because of less parts it is lighter than conventional engine by 50%.

(5) It runs smooth without vibration and is quite in operation.

Disadvantage of wankel engine.

(1) The engine is high on fuel consumption.

(2) It require expensive material for its manufacture.

(3) It require highly Precision manufacturing process.

(4) It gives little more smoke due to incomplete burning of charge.

*Inspite of attempt by General Motors Ford, Mercedes-Benz This engine has not found its place in regular production model.

However Mazda RX7,RX8 is still using wankel engine while other manufacturers have abandoned it.

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