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Hello and welcome back to Carsuffer, after long today we describe about AUTOMOBILE OPTIONAL FITTINGS.

Optional Part give in below and we discuss each and every part, So be with us and share this knowledge to everyone.

●Transfer case ●Power take-off box ●Air compressor ●Front axle drive ●Tractor truck fifth wheel coupling ●Winch.

●Transfer case (AOF)

Transfer case is a small gearbox attach to the main gearbox in vehicle where power is to be taken for :

(a) to drive front wheels.

(b) to drive winch for pulling stuck up vehicle or any other object.

(c) to provide drive to truck mounted Crane.

(d) to provide drive to truck mounted generator set or any other machinery.

Transfer case Cut section view

As stated above it is a small gearbox transfer case where its input flange gets its drive from the main gear box with propeller shaft.

this transfer case has two output shaft the one fitted at rear is connected to the real axle through rear propeller shaft and the other one is fitted to front axle differential at with the help of front propeller shaft.

the transfer case is mounted on chases with help of a Rubber foundation and require same maintenance as stated for gearbox.

it has one gear lever which engage Audi cengage the gear when required now let us discuss the working of the same.

Transfer case vehicle layout 4 by 4 drive vehicle

a transfer box is your input flange a is couple to the output flange of main gear box with the help of a propeller shaft.

it has two gears 1 and 2 place on it this gears are free on the shaft and R in constant mesh with gear 3 and dfo of countershaft which runs on to ball bearing fitted on other site of the shaft is the housing.

the gear 4 is again in constant mesh with gear 5 of output shaft working for giving drive to real propeller shaft.

●Power take-off box (AOF)

It is small gearbox fitted on the opening of the inspection cover of main gearbox it is input care is always in mesh with one of the Lay shaft gear as such it runs as long as the engine is running (clutch pedal not pressed).

Power take off box

this gear can be meshed give the input double gear by the fork and gear lever.

when it is brought to mesh with the input Kiya the shaft rotates.

Such power take of boxes are usually known as P.T.O. boxes.

these are used for driving small unit such as separate air compressor, hydraulic pumps, used in tipping truck and winches etc.

please note P.T.O. boxes are designed to transmit power from 3 horsepower to 5 horsepower.

●Air compressor (AOF)

In olden days when air pressure for inflating tyre was not readily available air compressor was a standard fitting on most of truck and buses but now when air pressure for tyre inflator is available even in village air compressor have become absolute in motor transport.

Air compressor fitted in truck
inbuilt air compressor

however this are being supply on some of the practice such as HMT zetor is standard fitting.

usually the air compressor was attached to the gearbox on its inspection housing as in the case of power take off in this case Institute of power take off shaft crankshaft is heat and on top of housing compressor block is fitted.

now a days in vehicle where error pressure brakes are employed compressor is usually driven from the camshaft as in Tata vehicle where a separate air bottle with tyre inflator tube connection is provided while in another type of vehicles.

such as Leyland truck separate compressor unit are fixed in line with injection pump and get its drive from injection pump drive shaft.

●Front axle drive (AOF)

Front axle is also a driveaxle for such vehicles which are used in sendy our slushy soil or or have to be used where there are no roads.

such vehicles are usually utilised by military and also for quarry works and are known as 4 * 4 drive.

Front Excel drive layout

you must have seen military Jeep where drive can be given to front Excel also as and when required.

we have learnt that front axle is also a steering axle and their vehicle is stated by moving the stub axle mounted on kingpin.

in such vehicle where front axle is also used as drive axle the drive to the the hub is given with help of the propeller shaft and constant velocity joint and this complete unit is house in a bald and union joint having print top and bottom.

This axle require special attention as far as maintenance is concerned and have to be regularly greased and serviced.

in case of slightest where in the bushes or bearing of king pin it will cause wheel wobbling.

Bushes should be replaced immediately when we wear is notice and if bearing are fitted this should be adjusted by removing or adding shims under the bearing cap.

●Tractor truck fifth wheel coupling (AOF)

In our earlier article while introducing the type of vehicle we had made mention of articulated trailer and tractor.

Such type of vehicle are becoming very popular nowadays as the load carrying capacity of the vehicle is increase considerably.

Tractor truck fifth wheel coupling

you must have seen such a vehicle applied by D.T.C. as well as huge oil tanker and platform trailers.

Lets us study how it is coupled to the trailer the coupling used in this case is known as fifth wheel coupling.

The fifth wheel coupling consists of supporting plate balance with its Pi whats a turntable and a locking mechanism.

over and above this a safety strip it also provided to prevent accidental uncoupling of the trailer.

 layout of tractor truck fifth wheel coupling

To couple the semi trailer to the tractor process as follows :

shift aside the safety stripe and move the control handle forward back the tractor carefully so that the kingpin of the semi trailer came snap into coupling locks the two vehicles will be automatically (locked) coupled.

once again ensure that the safety stripe is in the lock position lift the parking lake and locket in the uppermost position and release the semi-trailer parking brakes semi-trailer is fully coupled and it ready to go.

Fur uncoupling process under :

apply semi-trailer parking brakes lower the parking legs and lock the same in the lowermost position shift inside the safety strip.

move the coupling control handle to the foremost position and drive out the tractor for what slowly and carefully.

●Winch (AOF)

Some of the truck and station Wagon are equipped with a winch install at the front hand over the front bumper.

Automobile winch

the winch is usually used to pull out blocked vehicle or recovery of vehicle for lifting Loads.

the engine power is transmitted to The Winch via gearbox either through transfer gearbox or through power take off box and a propeller shaft with to universal joint.

at the winch and is fitted a worm wheel which gets its drive from warm run by the propeller shaft.

on the worm shaft is also created an external contracting type of brake which is used for holding the lord for control and winding of drum on on which Steel rope is wound.

the drum shaped is coupled to the form will shaft with help of dog clutch operative through a Lever.

while operating the winch the man gearbox is set in neutral position and vehicle break sometimes to be on the safer side wooden villages are also place before Tyres to lock the same.

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